Monday, May 15, 2006

Jam Session!

Had a great time with three local guys on stage last night. They call their band Run, or Hurry, or Rush...something like that. Man, that bass player has a voice higher than that long-haired guy in that bird band from California...Condors, Eagles...something. Anyway, they heard I was in the audience and invited up to jam with them. These guys are pretty good....I think they just might make it. What's up with all this wine drinking? Might be some relatives of mine, you know. I'll stick with that green bottle of Ale I found on my first day here.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Hostas, Baby!

What a find! There's a great park in the city and I found a nice stage to perform on....complete with plants, flowers and herbs.....well, ok....the herbs went up in smoke as I played...but I swear I didn't inhale. Now the audience is a different story. Everyone went away with blood-shot eyes but they seemed to enjoy my tunes. I'm starting to really enjoy this solo stuff.

Heading North

I decided to go north for the first part of my search. After leaving the Motor City I ventured across the U-P (that's the upper part of the glove for those who don't know the area. It was a little difficult getting across the border....I was almost squashed by some immigration guy but once he heard my guitar singing he let me on in. Man, what a nightmare. After all the paperwork, I decided to stop in a local bar for some much needed liquid refreshments. These people up here make a mighty fine beer. The locals let me plug in my guitar and play a few tunes for them to pay for my about Northern Hospitality!

The Journey Begins ("Takin' It To The Streets")

Well I made the big break and left the band. Those dudes could only sing one song and after a good 20 years I grew a little tired of our one-hit wonder. So I'm hitting the road. It's a little weird going solo but I know in time I'll find another group of guys to play with. Until that happens, just sit back and enjoy my journey.